Basement Remodeling Services

Welcome to a new chapter in your home's story with Alpine Design. We specialize in turning basements into the most loved spaces in your house. It all starts with a conversation about what you need – a spare bedroom, a workshop, a playroom for the kids, or that personal gym you've been dreaming of. Our experts draft a plan that mirrors your lifestyle, handling every detail from permits to the final polish. With us, your basement renovation is an exciting journey to a space that's as functional as it is delightful, tailor-made for you and your family.

Complete Basement Finishes

Your basement should feel like a natural extension of your home, and with Alpine Design's 'Complete Finish' service, it will. We cover all the bases—elegant flooring, soothing wall colors, and trim work that ties everything together. Our commitment to quality materials and attention to detail means your finished basement will not only look stunning but will also be built to last. It's not just a renovation; it's a reinvention of your living space.

Wine Cellars

Let’s talk about where you’re going to store all those great bottles of wine. Alpine Design is here to help you put together a space that’s all about enjoying a good glass whenever the mood strikes. We're talking racks that fit your bottles like a glove, lighting that makes those labels easy to read, and a setup that keeps everything at the perfect sipping temperature. So, whether you're after that cozy little nook for intimate tastings or a grand display to show off your collection, we've got you covered.

Home Theaters

Picture this: Your very own home theater, where every movie night feels like a premiere and every game day scores big. Alpine Design is all about making that happen. We focus on the comfy seats that make you never want to leave, the sound system that puts you right in the action, and the kind of screen that makes everything look epic. Whether you're a film buff, a sports fan, or a binge-watcher, we'll create the perfect spot for you to kick back, relax, and press play on the next big adventure or game.

Gym / Workout Rooms

Imagine having a gym where you can’t wait to start sweating. That’s what we’re here for. Alpine Design sets you up with a workout room that’s all about getting those good vibes going. Think about the right mix of equipment for your kind of exercise, mirrors that make you want to do that extra set, and flooring that can take a beating. Whether you’re into lifting, yoga, or cardio that gets your heart racing, we’ll craft a space where you’ll love to hit your fitness goals. No more waiting for equipment or rushing through your routine. It’s all yours, anytime.

Rec / Game Rooms

Ready for a game room that’s all about fun? Alpine Design is on it. We’re talking about creating a cool hangout spot right in your home, where the games never end and the laughs keep coming. Whether you’re into vintage arcade games, a sleek pool table, or a board game setup that’s unbeatable, we’ve got the ideas to make it happen. Imagine comfy seating for everyone and a vibe that says, ‘This is the place to be.’ Let’s make your home the go-to spot for game nights, chill weekends, and everything in between.


Ever think how handy an extra bathroom in the basement could be? That’s where we come in. Alpine Design is all about adding that convenient bathroom you’ve been needing. No more morning lineup for showers or pausing movie marathons for a dash upstairs. We’re talking about a smart, straightforward bathroom setup that fits right into your basement, making life a little easier for everyone in the house. Whether it's for guests staying over, cleaning up after DIY projects, or just an extra spot to speed up those busy mornings, we’ll help you squeeze in that extra bathroom perfectly.

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"We had Dave and Tanner do a complete basement finish for us. They were both extremely professional, paid great attention to detail, demonstrated superior craftsmanship, showed care and  concern for our home and our pets, and by the end of the project they felt like family. They also managed to fulfill a couple of special requests that were outside of normal bounds and accommodated what we wanted beautifully. We couldn’t be happier with the beautiful work that they did."

-Kristi Rankin

"Tanner and his crew at Alpine Design Contracting were awesome to work with! Honest, trustworthy, and does an awesome job! We had the crew out to our home to knock out some home renovations for us and everything came out great quality, and the price was right! I’d recommend Alpine for any of your home needs!"

-Parker Curry

"Dave and Tanner completed finished our basement and did beautiful remodeling throughout our home. They brought skill, attention to detail, excellence in communication, and care to every task.  They did so with humor and grace, and went out of their way to fulfill special requests and support us.  They became like family, and our dog loves them so much, he should probably join the them!"

-Teri Schwartz

The Process

Your Basement Project, Step by Step

Here at Alpine Design, we believe every step of your basement project should feel as reassuring and exciting as the first time you imagine it. So, here's how we roll:

Blueprints and Dreams

This is where it all begins: with your ideas and our expertise. We’ll sit down, listen to your needs, and draw up the plans that take your basement from 'just an idea' to 'we can't wait to start!

Crafting the Details

With the blueprint locked down, our team gets to work. We're all about nailing the specifics, making sure every inch of your new basement is just how you pictured it, from the big-picture layout to the snug little details.

Personalized Builds

Got a quirky space or a special request? No problem. We specialize in custom jobs that make your space truly yours. From shelving that fits your book collection just right to that secret nook for your hobbies, we make sure it's all a perfect fit.

The Finishing Flair

And for the grand finale, we bring in the finishes that make your basement pop. This is about more than a fresh coat of paint; it’s the lighting that sets the mood, the fixtures that dazzle, and every last touch that makes you say, ‘This is it.

Let’s Chat About Your Basement’s Potential

Got some ideas bubbling up for your basement? We’d love to hear them and see how we can help. Drop us a line, and let’s start the conversation that turns your basement into your home’s highlight. Your dream space is just a chat away – reach out now!

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