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Welcome to the local touch of Alpine Design— Arvada's choice for basement remodeling that blends style, function, and comfort. Our dedicated team brings your below-deck visions to life with customized designs that reflect Longmont's unique character and your personal flair. Whether you're looking to create a cozy family den, a sleek home office, or a lively entertainment area, we're here to ensure your basement becomes a highlight of your home. Trust in the craftsmanship that turns your Longmont house into a home with soul.

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Servicing All
Corners of Arvada

From the quiet suburban streets to the bustling downtown, our reach extends across Arvada. Check out the map below to see the neighborhoods we cover. Chances are, we've transformed a basement near you. We're proud to serve the entire town, bringing exceptional basement remodels to every corner of our community.

Crafting Comfort, Building Dreams

Making Every Space Special

Isn't it about time your basement got a little love? We’re all about turning that under-used space into your home’s highlight. It’s not just renovations we’re doing; it’s about creating those perfect spots in your home for whatever life throws your way. Ready for a change? Let’s talk about the endless possibilities that await beneath your feet.

Your New Wet Bar

Who's up for a round of drinks? Let’s make your basement the new favorite spot for friends and family with a wet bar that's all your own. Picture this: a sleek countertop where you mix up cocktails, a fridge that's always stocked for game day, and all the little extras that make serving up a breeze. We think about the spots for your glasses, the perfect lighting to set the mood, and even a sink to make clean-up as easy as pie. Get ready to host the get-togethers everyone will be talking about!

Entertainment Lounges

Welcome to the ultimate chill zone. Our entertainment lounges are where comfort meets cool. Think big, comfy couches for the movie marathons, the latest tech for that immersive gaming experience, and even a stage for your impromptu jam sessions. Whatever your downtime looks like, we’ll create the perfect space for it.

Home Office Havens

Step into a home office that makes Mondays a little easier to welcome. We design serene, functional workspaces tailored to your work style and professional needs. With ergonomic layouts, ample lighting, and quiet nooks for those deep-focus hours, you’ll find productivity and peace in a space that’s uniquely yours. Say hello to your best work-from-home experience yet.

Year-Round Golf Simulators

Rain or shine, keep your swing in full swing with a custom golf simulator that brings the greens to you. Imagine perfecting your putt or driving down the fairway without ever leaving the comfort of your basement. Our team installs state-of-the-art simulators that capture the essence of the game, complete with lifelike graphics and real-time feedback. It's tee time anytime you want.

Building Tomorrow's Home, Today

Beyond Basements: Crafting Your Unique Space

Alpine Design isn't just about renovations; it's about reimagining your living experience. With a blend of personalization, enduring craftsmanship, and innovative design, we promise more than a remodel—we deliver a revolutionized way of living.

Your Space,
Personally Crafted

Think of us as the handy neighbor with all the right tools and know-how. At Alpine Design, we get a kick out of turning your 'what-ifs' into 'why nots.' We listen to your ideas over a cup of coffee and then roll up our sleeves to create a space that's every bit 'you.' Your basement's about to become your home's main attraction, and we're just the team to help make it happen.

Craftsmanship with a Personal Touch

Remember when things were made to last and the smallest detail made all the difference? That’s how we do things around here. Our crew treats every beam, tile, and paint stroke like a work of art that’s meant to be loved for years. Because your home’s not just a project to us—it’s a canvas for lasting memories.

The Smoothest Path to New Beginnings

We know the remodeling runaround can be a hassle, so we've cut the fluff. With us, it’s like having a friend in the biz. We keep you in the loop, avoid the jargon, and make the whole process as smooth as your new basement floors will be. No surprises, just smiles, and a finished project that feels just right.

Smart Designs for the Way We Live Now

Got an eye on the latest smart home gadgets or eco-friendly materials? Us too. We’re all about bringing those cutting-edge touches into your home. Think energy-saving lights that know when you’re around, spaces that adjust to your routine, and designs that are as smart as they are stylish. Let’s future-proof your basement together.

Let’s Chat About Your Basement’s Potential

Got some ideas bubbling up for your basement? We’d love to hear them and see how we can help. Drop us a line, and let’s start the conversation that turns your basement into your home’s highlight. Your dream space is just a chat away – reach out now!

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"We had Dave and Tanner do a complete basement finish for us. They were both extremely professional, paid great attention to detail, demonstrated superior craftsmanship, showed care and  concern for our home and our pets, and by the end of the project they felt like family. They also managed to fulfill a couple of special requests that were outside of normal bounds and accommodated what we wanted beautifully. We couldn’t be happier with the beautiful work that they did."

-Kristi Rankin

"Tanner and his crew at Alpine Design Contracting were awesome to work with! Honest, trustworthy, and does an awesome job! We had the crew out to our home to knock out some home renovations for us and everything came out great quality, and the price was right! I’d recommend Alpine for any of your home needs!"

-Parker Curry

"Dave and Tanner completed finished our basement and did beautiful remodeling throughout our home. They brought skill, attention to detail, excellence in communication, and care to every task.  They did so with humor and grace, and went out of their way to fulfill special requests and support us.  They became like family, and our dog loves them so much, he should probably join the them!"

-Teri Schwartz

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